Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Well, after declaring that I was going to participate in You Capture, I broke my camera. So sad :( I am now in the process of sending it back to Canon and waiting to hear how much it will cost me. It is still under warranty but I doubt it will cover the damage. No pictures from me until further notice...

Here are a few pictures my nice little point and shoot took before biting the dust.

Cupcakes from Nate's birthday. I made them!

Neighbor's flowers in Tahlequah

Flowers through the fence

Jamie Lynn

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  1. Bummer about the camera! :( After you posted about "You Capture" I looked through tons of people's posts on it. At first I was disappointed that this week is Photographer's Choice. I wanted direction to start off with, but then I just took my camera out during a walk around the neighborhood with Mary, so I may post under the theme of Neighborhood. But now I feel really bad that you can't post photos this week!!

    I love love love the monkey cupcakes. Paul Frank is my favorite! I'm bookmarking that idea because hopefully we'll have a little boy named Paul someday who will have a Paul Frank party too.