Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Babies on the Brain

I had to double check I didn't type "Babies on the Brian" because that would just be weird.

Today I started thinking about future baby nurseries. We don't plan on another baby for a while, but I like to think about things in advance, because I'm indecisive. Yes, so indecisive I need to pick out nursery themes several months (if not a year) in advance. At least I realize this and try to plan accordingly. If I know we're going to a restaurant, I will check their menu online before we go so I will have an idea what I want. Even if we're just going to Taco Bueno. Don't tell anyone.

I look at a lot of girl decor, because I have a boy and I want a girl. I LOVE the idea of decorating with Russian nesting dolls. They're so colorful! Russian nesting dolls accented with flowers. If I ever have a girl, I might do that. I like this bumper because it's so colorful (don't like it because it's expensive). I also like these pretty girls. Oh pretty babushkas!

With boy decor, I like this MiGi Alphabet bedding. LittleMonkeyDoodles on Etsy has this cute wall art prints and door sign to match. I like the letters and animals.

I also like farm themes. There are soo many cute farm nursery things on Etsy. My dad's a farmer so it's double cute for our family. Nate loves "Bumpa's moos" and I'm sure he'd teach his little brother if he had one.

What nursery themes do you like?

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