Monday, January 31, 2011

I think coffee makes me sleepy

I want to write here more often, but I never have anything interesting to say. I just deleted 3 paragraphs of junk I typed out because I'm not that funny. Boo. I'll work on that.....

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mommy words

I try to not cuss. Growing up, I never remember hearing my parents cuss. When our teacher told us on the first day of kindergarten we shouldn't say "ain't" I thought it was because it was a curse word. Somewhere along the way I picked up some choice words.

My curse of choice is usually shit. It slips out of my mouth without any warning. Stub my toe, shit. Burn my hand, shit. Hit a big pothole, shit. That last one provoked Nate's first curse repeat. Jon hasn't let me live if down.

I've adapted other words to replace my cursing:
  • Shiitake (I think I got this from Austin Powers)
  • Son of a biscuit
  • Oh, craptastic
  • Frack (Thanks Battlestar Galactica)
I don't know if they're any better, but I won't get as many phone calls from school. I don't need my son being the kid to teach everyone the f-word on the playground. When the teacher calls, I'll have her call my husband.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Resolution

Two years ago, my resolution was to brush my teeth before bed every night. I'll admit I wasn't the most diligent before bed brusher, but I stuck with it and now I can't go to bed without a mouth full of clean teeth.

Last year I resolved (resoluted is not a word, booo) to send cards for birthdays/anniversaries/illnesses. I did well at the beginning of the year, but fell short near the end. Sorry everyone with October, November, and December birthdays.

My New Year Resolutions for 2011 are:
  • send more snail mail
  • take more pictures
  • write more blog posts
  • comment more on other people's blogs
In general, I just want to try harder. I feel like I spent a lot of 2010 being lazy, coasting. This year I want to be more deliberate with my time and my actions. No more procrastinating.