Sunday, November 7, 2010

Holiday Cards Rock

First of all, I love mail. I love pretty, girly stationary. I love hand-written letters. I love walking to the mailbox every day and finding something just for ME inside. During the holidays, I love choosing a cute and funny picture to send to our friends and family. I love receiving cards and yearly updates from our loved ones. I. Love. Mail.

This is only our third year for holiday cards, because it's our fourth married Christmas together and apparently I missed the year my son was born because I can't remember sending cards. The first year I bought cheery green cards from Target. No pictures, just a holiday greeting.  Last year I printed picture cards from Walmart with my son's crying face sitting on Santa's lap. Because OMG it was funny. Maybe this year we can include a shot of all 3 of us! But that's doubtful because my husband doesn't really like pictures.

Shutterfly has super cute (and affordable!) cards. Not only for the holidays, but for all of your card sending occasions. They even have OMG ADORABLE Thanksgiving cards. I love the idea of sending autumn cards. Get the envelope-stuffing and stamp-licking done before the Christmas whirlwind begins. I really like the Falling Leaves card and Letterpress Thanks invitations. I've never had an autumn/Thanksgiving party, but maybe next year! The colors remind me of my bestest Autumn Bliss and my sister Sister (ok, her name is Cheryl, but I always call her Sister and so does everyone else I know because they don't know her name because I never say it).

You can also order gift tags from Shutterfly. I love little personalized details. Just look at the cuteness! Makes me wish I had all the money in the world.

I like their story cards. A little holiday card and yearly update all in one! Love 2010 and Family Memories are my faves.

I'm not sure which card we will send this year. It will probably depend on which picture we decide to use. My son will meet Santa Clause again during Thanksgiving, so we will see what he thinks. Maybe my husband will behave long enough to have a picture taken. Or maybe we'll just insert some other family's perfect picture and keep our loved ones guessing. Oh, who knows. But I will be sending cards. And waiting by the mailbox for mail from you!

(This post was prompted by 50 Free Holiday Cards from Shutterfly. Check it out!)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Craft Crazy

This Christmas I want to make the majority of the gifts I give. I've been feeling super crafty and there are a lot of easy AND cute craft ideas out there.

For my sister's birthday, I made this rag wreath with some leftover fabric from my mother-in-law's quilts and a wire wreath frame. I just tore 6-7" strips of fabric and tied them around the frame. I made the flowers out of felt and buttons (check out the tutorial here).

My Craft To-Do List:
  • I really like these cute yarn wreaths. You can make a wreath for every season/holiday/occassion!
  • Mod podging has caught my eye. Decorative letters like these look like a good place for me to start.
  • I can't sew, but these fabric headbands look easy enough and cute cute cute. (Thanks Maggie!)
Do you have any cute crafts I should check out? I'm always looking to expand my crafting repertoire. Have any favorite craft blogs? I love tutorials :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Not Very Good At This...

I have had no motivation to blog lately! I feel boring and BLAH. I really want this to be fun for me. This week I will spend more time thinking about my blog and trying to create a more appealing set-up. I need a little more creativity and originality...will ponder.

I've also had no motivation for my C25k program. Stuck on the beginning of Week 3. Partly because it's been colder and partly because my son has been staying up later and I don't like running in the dark. I don't see this changing any time soon, but maybe I can find some inspiration while re-vamping my blog.

On a completely unrelated note, look at my little dinosaur!

 Feliz Dia de los Muertos!