Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to Fix Your Garbage Disposal

Step 1: Don't put fish tank rocks in your garbage disposal.
Step 2: Turn on Blues Clues so your 2 yr old will stay away from the chemicals under the sink.
Step 3: DON'T stick your hand down the sink to see what's down there.
Step 4: Vacuum out the fish tank rocks
Step 5: Google it
Step 6: Find your hex tool because you bought this house used and have no idea where the garbage disposal tool might be.
Step 7: Insert the 1/4" allen wrench into the hole in the bottom of the disposal and MAN. HANDLE. It needs to be able to move freely. Just do it.
Step 8: Push the reset button because now you've messed with it and it probably won't even turn on at all now.
Step 9: You probably should unplug the disposal before all of this but you didn't think of that before hand.
Step 10: Make coffee.
Step 11: Repeat steps 7-9 a few times since YOU ARE DETERMINED TO FIX IT and your husband is still asleep.
Step 12: Turn Blues Clues back on before your kid notices it has ended.
Step 13: Cross your fingers. Pray to the DIY fairies. Flip the switch (keep your hands out of the drain).
Step 14: VOILA! Now go to Facebook and boast about how awesome you are.

After your adventures in garbage disposals, check out My Drunk Kitchen. She will make you feel good about drinking and cooking. Now I want a margarita and a taco. I don't care that it's 10 AM. I've already done a full day's work!

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