Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Where I'm From

I am from red dirt roads along the banks of Turkey Creek, from small town state champions and dirty bare feet.

I am from the white house on the corner with a basement full of treasures. From the old black water pump on the roller rink porch and the fenceless yard full of the town’s children.
I am from the sycamore tree and the rose buds; the tiger lilies and the pecan tree, whose limbs held me many summers.

I am from Sunday lunch and stubborn, long-lived women, from Loraine and Ruby and “the Aunts”, from Barrs and Bensons, Beards and Fusons.

I am from the do-gooders and hardworkers. From generations of farmers and mommas, people who did what had to be done.

From “I’ll give you something to cry about” and “Because I said so” {from words I now hear coming out of my own mouth}

I am from old time Christians with hymnals and church pews.  Grandma playing the piano for decades, knowing the notes by heart. From the grace of God.  Hallelujah!  Amen.

I'm from Oklahoma summers, fried okra and sheet cake, lamb burgers and fish fries.  
From pioneers and travelers, windmills and deep roots. Cattle in the pasture and wool in burlap sacks.

I am from the boxes under my momma’s bed filled of generations remembered. Stories told and forgotten.  Family trees searched and unknown. The love of those before me fills my heart and keeps me whole.

I first heard about the "Where I'm From" poem from She wrote her own poem and I couldn't wait to create mine.

I noticed today that another blog I read,, also posted her "Where I'm From" poem.

In the process of writing my poem and thinking about my childhood and ancestors, I somehow ended up signing up for the two weeks free trial at SOO much fun! I've really enjoyed researching my mother's side since my father's side has already been pretty well documented by other family members. I definitely recommend it. I'm only into week 1 of the 2 free weeks and I've already found SO MUCH! GO. START. NOW.

Note: I don't know why the blog links are being weird and posting the web address but not displaying the "text to be displayed". I'm too tired to figure it out. Maybe it'll look right on your browser.

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