Monday, July 18, 2011

Dilemmas of a Stay at Home Mom

Being a stay at home mom has been great. I really enjoy taking care of my son, watching him learn and grow, and being right there when he needs something.

The biggest downfall has been money. My husband has a good job and makes good money. He easily provides for our every day needs. But there is no room for extras. I don't get my haircut as often as it needs it. We don't go out to eat. We don't go on vacations. Our savings is slow-growing.

I am totally qualified to work. I have a college degree and some work experience. I just can't get myself to pay someone else to watch my son. I was put on the Earth to be a mother and take care of my children. My mom stayed home with me and I always figured that's what I would do too.

It will be a few years until Nate goes to school and I am kid-free. (Honestly, we'll probably have another kid before then anyway, so I won't really be kid-free for a long time.) I'd love to make money blogging, but I'm not a great blogger. I'm not willing to put my whole life on the Internet to make it interesting. I don't have any expert advice or interesting talents. I'm just a girl that stays home with her kid, watches cartoons, and crafts sometimes.

I thought about opening an Etsy shop. I like making yarn wreaths, tshirt necklaces/scarves, felt flowers, and button jewelry. But aren't there already thousands of shops already selling these? And they're probably cuter and better made then what I can do.

How do you make money? Do you have any ideas on how I can make money from home? Or do you know where I can get free haircuts?

Also? Dilemma is a weird word. Look at it for a while. Dil. Emma. Dile. Mma. Di. Lemma.

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